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Happy Homes – Merry Christmas

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Happy Homes – Merry Christmas.


Happy Homes is a book series from Finland, which now continues with Merry Christmas. Don’t forget to check out Happy Homes Hideaways (2017), Happy Homes Christmas (2017) and Happy Homes Creative (2018) and Happy Homes White Walls (2020) as well!

Jonna Kivilahti is an interior journalist, designer and stylist, who has been writing for Finnish magazines for over 25 years. She has been running her popular Mrs Jones blog for nine years. Krista Keltanen is a renowned photographer with a career spanning over 15 years. Krista specialises in atmospheric interior, portrait and advertising photography. As a team, Jonna Kivilahti and Krista Keltanen produce interior features for Finnish and international magazines as well as advertising campaigns for Finnish brands. They share their knowledge in composition, styling and photography at their KivilahtiKeltanen workshops.